Food Stuff

So, I doubt many of you are aware that I have a vegan and gluten free diet. This is for medical reasons rather than by choice.

As I’m sure you might imagine, having such extreme dietary restrictions makes eating out exceptionally difficult. I can’t eat meat. I can’t eat dairy. I can’t eat egg. I can’t eat honey. And I can’t eat anything with gluten in. I’ve been violently ill more than a few times when eating out because restaurant staff don’t take me seriously when I ask about the ingredients in the recipe. If I ask if something has dairy in it, it’s not because I’m being picky. If only it was that simple!

While eating at home is easier, it is not easy. So what I’m going to do is post a few recipes on my blog that I’ve randomly thrown together over time. They’ll be vegan and gluten free, but obviously if your dietary restrictions aren’t as severe as mine, you could substitute ingredients for something more palatable!

If you’ve noticed that the recipes I post are extremely simple, there’s reasons for that…

  1. I hate cooking, and try to spend as little time in the kitchen as humanly possible
  2. suck at cooking, so the simpler the recipes, the less chance there is of me stuffing it up
  3. I am time poor – if I can’t do the prep, and have it cooked and on the table in 10-15 minutes, it’s not going to happen

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