Long time, no posts…

Just in time for election ranting!

Honestly though, I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging for the last 6 months. While I’ve had a lot to say, much of it wasn’t appropriate for public consumption. Suffice to say work is one giant clusterfuck.

Anyway…Now on to my election commentary!

Turnbull’s election announcement?

This is the most exciting time to be an Australian!

Really? Seriously? I’m actively job hunting overseas. I’ve got flights on hold and quotes for an international removalist under consideration to move all my stuff. This hasn’t been a recent snap decision because of the election – this has been on the cards for quite some time. The writing has been on the wall since Tony Abbott got elected to be honest.

Turnbull and his coalition mates claim Australia’s future is in innovation and entrepreneurship…Yes, it would be if the government actually did anything but make meaningless platitudes.

Science and R&D funding in Australia has stagnated, and in some cases is going backwards. Australian trained PhD graduates are leaving the country in droves due to lack of funding and job opportunities. Is this really a trend that indicates our future is in innovation? Screams the opposite to me.

While not my field, it’s also worth pointing out that CSIRO is going to end long-standing Antarctic ice and atmosphere research due to funding cuts.

Where is the future for our brightest minds when ongoing funding cuts to CSIRO and the ARC are forcing people overseas?

Next Turnbull mentioned that Australia’s economic growth would continue due to growth in China. Can I point out the following? Current figures from China show exports fell by 2% and imports by 11% in April. And we’re apparently supposed to rely on China for economic recovery and growth? Really?

This is not an exciting time to be an Australian. It’s fucking depressing. 


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