This has me laughing like a maniac

So David Leyonhjelm from the Australian Liberal Democrats went off on a giant rant fest about childless people being forced to financially support those who make the choice to procreate.

And as politically incorrect as it might be to admit, I don’t actually disagree with much of what he says.

It was a brilliant speech!

Some quotes:

“The government is not your parent or your spouse — get over it.”

“To the childless people of Australia I want to say, on behalf of this parliament, thank you for being childless.”

“You work for more years and become more productive than the rest of Australia. You pay thousands and thousands of dollars more tax than other Australians. You get next to no welfare and your use of public health services is minimal. But you pay when other people get pregnant, you pay when they give birth, you pay when they stay at home to look after their offspring, you pay for the child’s food, clothing and shelter, you pay when the child goes to child care and you pay when the child goes to primary and secondary school. And then you pay when it goes to university.”

“Some people are childless by choice and are happy with that choice. There is no moral case to make them subsidise other people’s choices. For some people, childlessness is not a choice; it is a great sadness. Forcing them to hand over money to more fortunate people is like charity in reverse. It’s like making people in wheelchairs pay for other people’s running shoes.”

And with one final classic…“Since it is about time somebody did, I rise to ask: won’t someone please think of the childless?

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t agree with everything he said. I do think that primary and secondary education should be funded by everyone, but beyond that, I do genuinely think that parents should be taxed more for their choice to procreate, since they’re the ones who use the system more. But instead what we have is parents getting tax breaks left, right, and centre, while the childfree are hit with additional taxes.

I’ve been calling bullshit on this situation for years, so I find it highly amusing to see a politician actually get up and say it in parliament.

Criticize me all you want for being politically incorrect, I really don’t give a crap. I think the man is a genius 😀



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