Why I finally ditched my iPhone…

I loved my iPhone. Truly. My trusty little 4S was unquestionably the best phone I’ve ever owned.

Until last week.

Apple ruined that for me. And this time it was something I wasn’t prepared to just forgive and forget.

I now own a Samsung Galaxy.

With the release of iOS 9.0, I was excited. It was a much smaller install than the previous iOS release, and had what appeared to be some great new features.

And then I went to install it. Like millions of others, my phone got stuck on the “slide to upgrade” screen during the installation process. This made my phone a useless brick. I was unable to communicate with business colleagues or my family. The fixes that people posted on forums didn’t work for me – it wouldn’t even let me restore a backup. We all had to wait a week for Apple to release a bug fix for it. That was unacceptable. The day after my phone became unusable, I went and bought the Samsung Galaxy. I need to be able to communicate with people – and having an unusable mobile phone prevented that.

It’s not that I don’t love my iPhone. It’s the fact that Apple has been rushing out product releases that don’t work. That is unacceptable. Releasing a product that renders your device unusable is unacceptable. As someone who has worked in the IT industry in the past, I know what kind of testing goes on before any public release. The fact that people couldn’t even get the update to install speaks volumes about Apple’s attitude towards their customers. If your software has glitches, delay the product release. That will do far less damage to your reputation than releasing a product that for all intents and purposes makes your critical communications device nothing more than a brick. It would be interesting to see how much money that ended up costing Apple’s customers due to lost business before the bug fix was released.

I ended up installing the bug fix (iOS 9.0.1) when it came out, but by that time I’d already ported everything over to Android on my new Samsung. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who did this in a fit of rage. I’m sure that this won’t hit home for a while with the release of the new iPhone 6S in the last few days – the Apple fanboys/fangirls queuing up outside the Apple stores to be first to buy one will attest to that. But I anticipate ongoing sales may take a hit.

So, a note to Apple? You could have avoided this. Stop rushing to release products to meet some artificial deadline, and make sure that testing is completed before making them public. There’s always going to be issues, but the fact people couldn’t even get the product to install is pretty damning evidence of your rapidly escalating contempt for the customer base that’s been keeping your business alive.

As for me? I’m learning my way around Android. There’s still a few things I prefer on the iPhone, admittedly, but I’m sure I’ll get used to this new setup in no time.


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