So, I was happy that Malcolm Turnbull won the party room ballot to kick Tony Abbott out of the PM’s job. Fantastic – it was kind of hard to find anyone worse than Abbott.

But now come the disappointments…

Turnbull today has named his new cabinet.

Unsurprisingly, the ministries of importance to me are education, science, and the environment.

A politician that I’ve never even heard of, Simon Birmingham, has been made the new education minister. I’m withholding judgment for now, because I have no idea what he’s going to be like. By all accounts he seems to be “progressive”, so hopefully he’ll be better than Christopher Pyne.

Next, science…Sadly, Christopher Pyne, who was a disaster in the education portfolio has now been moved to industry, innovation, and science. Doom. I had high hopes given how progressive Turnbull seemed to be, but this is just regression at its worst.

But nothing, nothing, tops the fact that Turnbull has kept Greg Hunt on as the environment minister. Seriously? Really, seriously? He has to be the only environment minister on the planet who seems hell bent on actually destroying the environment.

Despite the increased number of women in cabinet, this reshuffle is pretty much one epic fail in my opinion.


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