Choppergate et al.

I’ve been missing for a while, all will be explained shortly in another blog entry.

For now, I just want to comment on the Bronwyn Bishop choppergate scandal.

What she did was wrong. It’s inappropriate to use taxpayer funds for personal travel. And as far as I’m concerned, attending party fundraisers is personal, not part of parliamentary duties. Not to mention the fact that she took a helicopter for such a short trip. I mean, seriously?

I am in a position where I also have travel entitlements (limited in scope as they are), and if I’d ever tried to pull anything like that, even on a smaller scale, I’d have lost my damn job on the spot.

However, in and of itself, that’s not my biggest issue with the whole situation.

It’s the fact that she admitted to signing off on the paperwork without reading it.

How the hell can someone in such a position of seniority that wields such power sign off on anything without reading it?

It’s this level of incompetence that angers me more than the travel rort itself. That admission that she didn’t read the paperwork clearly shows she’s incapable of holding such a position of power. What else has she signed off on without reading it?

Now today we’ve got Tony Burke being called out. And Christoper Pyne having a go. If they’re going to start calling out everyone in federal parliament who’s ever made an inappropriate claim on their travel expenses and forcing their resignations, there’s not going to be anyone left in parliament by Friday! Rejoice?



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