I can’t pretend that didn’t just happen…

So I had to sit through a research meeting this morning. One of the postdocs in our research group was presenting the results of some new lab analysis that they had done. It was boring, but you’re never going to be interested in everything that happens in your research group. I had kind of started to tune out, when suddenly…

Our boss, the lab manager, starts to question the results. Ok, people question results and interpretations all the time, that’s nothing new. What left me speechless was that our boss actually said, and I quote “let’s just ignore those results, they don’t fit our model“.

Uhh, no.

See, that’s bad science. If your results don’t fit your model, the proper scientific approach is to try and explain why. Not to just ditch the results because they’re inconvenient.

What the hell have I gotten myself into with this group? If it was just the lab manager who’d suggested doing this, that would be one thing, but from all accounts and the number of people who agreed, it looks to be systemic. If this is the way they approach doing science, I want no part of it.

Honestly, I almost walked out of the meeting in protest. I can not believe that this is going on. Makes me wonder about the validity of anything that’s been published out of this research group. And now my name is associated with them. Begs the question as to whether I should even keep working here so that I don’t get tarred with the same brush.


Why do I stay in academia? I don’t even know anymore.


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