Paid Parental Leave

Oh, noes! The outcry! The hypocrisy…

I’ve always been against paid parental leave funded by the taxpayer. That’s not changed in the last week with the government’s backflip on paid parental leave either.

I’m of the opinion that the taxpayer should not be funding your choice to procreate. Don’t pretend it’s not a choice.

If you want kids, that’s all fine and dandy. But you pay for it. Don’t rely on the taxpayer for it.

Public funded education and healthcare is one thing. But paying people just to have kids? No.

The hypocrisy that I’ve seen in the last few days since Joe Hockey announced the backflip on paid parental leave is mindblowing. Not surprising, but still…

All those people who were of the same opinion as me a few years ago when the government initially announced this idea of government funded parental leave, who were critical of it saying “we shouldn’t be paying for other people to have kids“, now seem to have been hit with the stupid stick and are telling everyone that “it’s critical for the future of our nation“.

Bull. Shit.

If employers want to offer their employees paid parental leave as part of their business model? Whatever. Good for them.

It should never, ever be forced upon the taxpayer to fund this. Having children is a choice. Own up to that and take some personal responsibility for your choice.


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