A stain on humanity

So, then this happened…

Hello all, Frank here with more Truk news.

While back in Ecuador finalizing the last bits and bobs on the Galapagos Master Liveaboards we received some devastating news over the weekend. I left Truk lagoon last week with our beloved Truk Siren Fleet still on the reef, and we were waiting for the insurance to decide what the next step would be. Apparently the looters didn’t have the same idea and decided to destroy all the evidence of the looting and vandalism and “totally senseless” put the boat on fire and burned her down to the ground. You can see on the pictures we received that there is nothing, but really nothing, left of this once so amazing beautiful vessel.

The majority in Chuuk have the same bad taste in their mouth about what happened because tourism in this amazing part of the world is a very important income for the locals, so with this in mind it is not an excuse for us to throw the towel.

We are fortunate to still have an amazing yacht that has been used for many years as a private luxury vessel and, although not a Siren, she is definitely as nice in her own style. We are now working hard on how and when we can be back to serve all of you and show you the wonders that Truk has to offer. My saying has always been “if it doesnt kill you it only makes you stronger” and with this in mind we hope to be back soon, i keep you posted.


Worldwide Dive and Sail's photo.
Worldwide Dive and Sail's photo.

The sequence of events is like a nightmare:

  1. Typhoon Maysak hits Chuuk and damages 2 of the 3 of diving liveaboard boats.
  2. Locals loot and vandalize the liveaboards while they’re up on the reef.
  3. While the owners are waiting for the insurance claims to be sorted out, so that they can be repaired the locals go and burn the remains of the liveaboards down to ashes so that there’s no evidence left

Give you a clue what #4 is?

The disappearance of the liveaboards totally destroys the dive tourism industry in Chuuk, a place where so much of the economy is well…DIVE TOURISM. Unemployment subsequently goes through the roof.

Was destroying the entire state’s economy worth it? To grab a couple of outboard motors and a marine radio? I really hope it was.

Spineless wankers.

I’m so angry about this. Probably more angry than most, because my big annual dive trip? Is booked and paid for – to go to Chuuk.

While I really want to support the local community and economy through this typhoon Maysak disaster, I’m starting to wonder if it’s even going to be safe to travel there. I mean, if the locals are so violently opposed to the dive tourism industry, how safe are the divers and their tens of thousands of dollars worth of dive gear going to be?

I don’t know what to do. I’m going to sleep on it and not make a rash decision to cancel, but this is reprehensible.


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