Is there a “right” kind of vegan?

One of my friends is being bullied and harassed on social media right now because she’s not vegan.

She is an environmental activist. It’s actually her full time job working in marine conservation. She is out there every day trying to protect the environment for future generations.

But she eats meat. She eats eggs. She eats dairy. She eats honey. She is not vegan. But all of her food is bought either from local farmers or from other “sustainable” sources. She wouldn’t in a million years eat cage eggs, or battery farm chicken.

Yet she is being bullied because she’s an environmental activist who isn’t vegan.

And then there’s me. I actually am vegan. But apparently that’s still not good enough. I get a lot of hateful comments from other vegans because I happen to be vegan for medical reasons rather than as some ethical objection to eating animal products. There’s a local vegan community group where I live that I tagged along with for a couple of meetups – only to be ostracized for daring to mention that I was vegan due to a medical condition rather than because of some ethical reason. That aside, I like my friend, also do my bit for the environment – I volunteer with a local marine conservation organisation, I recycle everything that is feasible to recycle, I avoid wasting food, I try to drive my car as little as possible and ride or walk instead.

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t even be allowed to call myself a vegan because I’m not doing it for the “right reasons“. Frankly I think doing it to avoid multiple organ failure and death is a pretty good reason, don’t you?

Honestly, I think too many “ethical” vegans are too over the top with their preachy sermons. People are helping the environment in ways that many of them probably can’t even imagine.


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