Workplace sexual harassment

There’s been a number of news articles in the last week after a female doctor came out and said it would be better to give your medical superior a blowjob rather than complain about sexual harassment.

Predictably a number of responses have come out, and today I came across this one…Saying that you should complain.

So, here’s the thing…It’s very easy to tell people to complain when in your own situation you had a partner or family who were able to support you both emotionally and financially through the whole ordeal.

What happens if you complain, have to leave your job, and as the initial article indicates, can’t find a new one because nobody wants to hire you because you complained?

It’s very difficult to claim discrimination when all the hiring committee has to do is say that you won’t be a good fit within their organisational culture.

So what happens when you can’t find a new job, and you don’t have any kind of financial support from your partner or your family?

Yes, people should complain. No, that shouldn’t prevent people from being hired again.

But pull your head out of the sand. It’s very easy for people to avoid hiring you again in the future if you complain. I was harassed in a previous job to the point where I quit due to ongoing problems after I went through the appropriate channels and complained about someone bullying me. It wasn’t sexual harassment, but it was harassment. I was very lucky that I had been offered another job before I quit my old one. All I’m saying is be aware of the potential consequences of your actions.

I think it’s a bit rich for people to jump up and down and say “complain! It’s the right thing to do! You’re doing women a disservice if you don’t,” when they’ve got people to support them.

Not everyone has that. It’s not always going to be an option for people financially.


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