“The Dress”

I can’t be the only photographer out there looking at that photo of “the dress” and thinking it’s a load of crap?

Look, I see the dress and I think it’s white and gold.

However, by the same token, I can see how others look at it and see blue.

It’s just that I don’t think it has anything to do with colour perception, or those perceptual colour boundaries people have been talking about.

It’s simply a shit photo.

I look at that photo and see that it’s got terrible exposure. And as anyone who’s ever done much photography knows, poor exposure settings mess with your whites. Believe it or not, but white is actually one of the hardest things to get right in photography.

Understanding white balance and exposure means that I can look at this photo and see through the camera settings to what it probably should look like  – white and gold. But due to poor camera settings (presumably taken on a phone with little to no control over these things), the whites are not showing as white.

The dress isn’t blue, the photo just makes it look that way due to the photographer not using an appropriate white balance or exposure setting when taking the photo.

Also, the dress is ugly.



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