Childfree and HAPPY.

No, I am not “wasting my money” by flying to Sydney for the weekend to go and see a concert.

You made a conscious decision to get married and procreate. Good for you. You must now bear the consequences of that decision, which includes the financial burden of supporting your family.

Me? I’ve made a conscious decision not to have kids. My partner and I have discussed marriage, and it’s on the table should our geographic situation change. But it’s not a huge thing for us, and at any rate, we both have jobs, so any money we earn gets spent on whatever we want as individuals. We’re not forced to spend any of our income on supporting each other – or a family.

Which means that if I want to fly to Sydney for the weekend to go see a concert, I will. If I want to fly to Melbourne for a day to go shopping and eat at fancy restaurants, I will. If I want to fly somewhere to go watch a sporting event for the night, I will. If I want to fly to the US for a long weekend for a booty call chance to go to Coachella? Don’t laugh, it’s happened.

You get your enjoyment out of having a family and raising your kids? Fantastic, good for you.

If I get my enjoyment out of not procreating and spending my money on experiences that make me happy? Good for me.

Me spending my money on concerts and travel is no more wasting my money than you spending yours on your kids. The fact that I can afford to do this and you can’t? Not my problem. If you wanted to spend your money on going out and having fun, maybe you should have thought twice before having kids.


3 thoughts on “Childfree and HAPPY.

  1. Well said! We live in a time when we have more freedom to make our own choices. We should be more accepting of everyone’s choices, and just because we don’t have kids, that doesn’t mean our choices are “selfish.” I hope people become more accepting and stop putting down other people’s choices just because those choices are different.

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