University Social Life

As most people who’ve been to university know (anywhere, not just in Australia), there’s a fairly active social component to university life. There are tons of clubs you can join to meet new people, find new hobbies, continue with old ones…

Unsurprisingly, I am a member of my university’s dive club.

Last week was orientation week for the new freshers. This is partly where people deal with the last administrative issues (ID cards, course schedules, etc.), as well as signing up for social things.

Today the dive club had an intro day, where they were running discover scuba diving (DSD) courses, and refreshers for certified divers who hadn’t been under for a while. There was also a bbq, which was why I wandered around for an hour or so.

I didn’t think anything of the DSD or refreshers until I noticed the divemasters and instructors wandering around drinking beer. And giving beer to their DSD participants – before they’d gone in the water.

Anyone who’s ever been diving has probably been told at some point that “first drink = you’re done for the day”. You don’t drink and dive.

If you’re on your own with your mates on a weekend trip away, and you want to ignore that? Your prerogative. You know better from your training, but if you choose to ignore it, that’s your decision.

But when you’re a certified divemaster or instructor, and you’re actually working and showing people how to dive? Fuck no. That is so many levels of inappropriate. While I can’t say for certain, I’d put money on it being against government workplace health and safety regulations. I’d almost guarantee it’s against university dive policy rules.

I don’t care if this was only happening in the pool and not in open water. How the fuck are these DSD participants ever going to take anyone seriously if they go onto an open water course when they’ve been set such an appalingly low standard already? They’re going to think it’s ok to have a drink and go diving. It’s not.

I don’t care that this was a social event, that doesn’t give you license to ignore all the rules regarding drinking and diving.


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