Regrets, I’ve had a few?

I was reading this article about a father and daughter targeting “pedophiles” online.

I intentionally say “pedophiles” because as in the daughter’s case, she was legal. Yes, she had a case of regret, and the guy was a douche for lying, but he did nothing illegal. What happened does not make him a pedophile.

I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t sick people out there who do prey on young kids, both online and offline. But if you’re of age, and you make the conscious decision to meet up with someone you met online, and you ultimately decide to have sex with them, and they’ve not raped you, then they’ve done nothing illegal.

Calling this guy a pedophile is wrong. He isn’t. And to be brutally honest, he’s no different to any other random stranger that you might meet in real life. People will lie flat out to your face in bars and clubs to try and get you to bed. It’s not really all that different to people lying online. I’ve seen 16 year old kids who have willingly gone home with older men. At 16, at least in Australia, they’re legal.

It might be gross. It might be creepy. But as long as you’re of the age of consent, what you do behind closed doors (or not, whatever floats your boat), and who you do it with, is really not an issue. Some people get off on age-play. I don’t, but for those that do? Whatever.

Just because you have a case of regret after having sex with an older guy because it creeped you out the morning after, does not make that guy a pedophile. You were of age, and you had every opportunity to walk away when you saw how old he was. He did nothing illegal. Take it as a life lesson, learn from it, like most people do after regretting a one night stand. Did he lie about his age? Sure. But that sort of thing happens in real life as well.


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