I just have to say this…

My parents dropped by today because they were passing through, and we’d not seen each other in a long time. The following happened:

Mum: “Do you have any tim tams?”

Me (confused): “Why would I have tim tams?”

Mum: “Because I’m hungry and I want tim tams…”

Me (still confused): “No, I don’t have any tim tams…”

Mum: “What kind of child are you? Are you refusing your own mother food?”

Me: “Uh, no? But you know how I’ve been allergic to dairy my entire life?”

My mother just continued to rant about me being an ungracious host because I didn’t have any chocolate biscuits. The ones I don’t buy because I’m violently allergic to dairy. I offered her rice cakes, but no, she wanted chocolate biscuits.


I swear that if I didn’t know better, she was totally senile. But she’s not.



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