I call BS

So the government’s repugnant higher education reform bill failed in the senate.


Christopher Pyne unsurprisingly introduced a revised bill the next day.

Give it up.

Now apparently they want to launch a massive campaign to convince the electorate that it’s all good.

What amuses me the most?

Proposed “slick and lively” television ads tell viewers university graduates earn 75 per cent more than non-graduates, a source has told news.com.au.


This is actually a joke, right?

I am fairly certain that every single tradie I know earns far more than I do. My own brother, who didn’t even finish high school, earns more than twice what I do. He likes to rub it in – constantly.

A university education in Australia is not the golden ticket that it may have been in the past. We are well and truly living in a country where you earn a far better living with a trade or other technical qualification than you do with a university degree. There may be a couple of exceptions, but on the whole? I call bullshit.

Christopher Pyne, Joe Hockey, and Tony Abbott need to pull their collective heads out of their asses and realise that the Australian population isn’t as ignorant as they’d like to think.



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