Boko Haram Kidnapping…Again.

Well, I called it.

The Boko Haram kidnappers never agreed to letting the girls go as the Nigerian government claimed they had. Boko Haram leaders are now proclaiming quite loudly that the girls have all converted to Islam and been married off.

Quelle surprise?!?!

It’s a tragedy, but this was an entirely predictable outcome. Anybody who actually thought these girls were going to be let go is naive. Maybe some will escape through their own means. I hope they do. But actually expecting Boko Haram to come to an agreement with the Nigerian government? Pull your head out of your ass.

The Nigerian government is so corrupt it isn’t funny. I mean it’s really not funny. I’ve had to deal with them first hand with something work related. If they don’t stand to make a personal profit out of it, then I really truly can’t see them doing anything. Because what money did they stand to make by negotiating with the terrorists?

I’m angry. So I’m just going to post this and go to bed before I end up on an epic rant about political corruption. I’ll leave that for another day.


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