Life insurance

This post is the result of me losing my patience with Unisuper.

I have been a Unisuper member since 2000 when I first started as a university employee (working as a lowly TA). As I’ve posted recently, I’ve once more changed jobs within the Australian university system. It’s not like I’m a new Unisuper member – I’ve been one for almost 15 years. Why then, do they make you resubmit 11ty billion pages of paperwork every time you change jobs? I mean I get that you need to inform them of your new position details, but why can’t we say “please keep all of my existing products and just update my employer details“?

Because honestly, why am I being forced to resubmit 100 pages of Death and Permanent Disability Insurance/Life Insurance paperwork? The university told me to fill them out and submit them with the standard Unisuper forms.

Now I’ve got Unisuper giving me a hard time about the insurance because of something on one of the forms. Something that they’ve been aware of for the last 15 years. It’s to do with scuba diving, which IMO is none of their damn business. I have my own private DAN insurance for diving. What I do in my personal time is none of Unisuper’s business. I don’t dive for work.

It’s got me thinking though, why the hell do I even need life insurance in the first place? I don’t have kids. I’m not planning to have kids. My family can get stuffed. And as I’ve been told multiple times, I am not allowed to list my partner as the beneficiary of the insurance policy because we’re not married or in a de facto relationship – it has to be immediate family or a dependent. So why should I even pay for life insurance? If I die, there’s nobody I want to leave anything to who’s actually allowed to be listed as beneficiary.

Waste of money in my opinion.

Unisuper can stick it.


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