U2, Apple, #Fail

U2 go from rock legends to spammers?


Although, I think the article misses the point.

My issue isn’t that the album was given away for free, although as the article points out, that is an issue in itself for the music industry.

My problem with the entire incident is the fact that the download was forced on us without our explicit consent.

In a time when so many of us (at least in Australia) are stuck in a situation where we have terrible data plans with our ISP or mobile phone provider, where we have abysmal data limits and get hammered with excess data charges…Having a couple of hundred megabytes of unwanted, unsolicited data downloaded on to our devices without our explicit permission actually has the potential to harm us financially. How many people inadvertently went over their monthly data download limit due to this “experience”? Are Apple and U2 going to reimburse the excess data charges levied upon us by our ISP or mobile phone provider?


This is why I have a problem with it. The iTunes store pops up a message every time you want to download something to make sure you want it. Circumventing this explicit permission to give us a “new music experience” or whatever they want to call it in marketing wankery, is unacceptable.

Yes, it was spam. Yes, I deleted it without listening to it on a matter of principle.

Fuck U2. And fuck Apple.


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