4WD Training

So, believe it or not, the university makes us undertake mandatory 4WD training before we are allowed to hire out a university owned 4WD – whether that be for off-road fieldwork, just getting to and from the field, or even just simply driving around the city for meetings. Mandatory.

I don’t actually have a problem with this. Most universities have exactly the same policy in Australia as far as I can tell.

What drives me batshit insane is when I go out on weekends on my own time, and see how other people drive these huge 4WD’s around town. It may shock people to know that a Landcruiser can actually fit in a single parking bay in a shopping centre carpark. It does not require you to take up 3 parking bays. Yes, the vehicle in question had Queensland plates, it wasn’t a Victorian 😛

Honestly, if you can’t park a car in a regular parking bay, get off the damn road. Turn in your license and go back to driver training school.

I genuinely believe that for people to be allowed to drive or own a Landcruiser (or any similar large 4WD), they should be forced to undertake a mandatory 4WD training course, much like we are forced to do at the university. Maybe then everyone wouldn’t complain so much about them driving around the city.


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