I’m back!

I quit my job and moved.

Yes, seriously. I quit my job and moved interstate. For a new job. Also in academia. Glutton for punishment, aren’t I?

Rejoice, I return to the land of blogging!

Anyway, today’s insanity…

New supervisor: “Welcome! Now, we want you to work on [x] for the next 6 months…”

Me: “Ummm, you know that CSIRO has already done that and all the data and reports are publicly available for free, right?”

New supervisor: “Really?”

Yes, this just happened. I’ve been employed to work on a project where about half of what they want me to do has already been done by the government and is freely available for download.

Because apparently that’s how much research they did before putting in the grant application.

Rejoice! I don’t have to redo it! I hope. Because that would just be an epic waste of my time.

I’m just going to go drink more coffee and laugh. I seriously can’t believe they didn’t know this had been done already.


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