Ah, the National Broadband Network.

One of my favourite rant subjects.

So, today I read that a cost-benefit analysis shows that the Coalition’s second-rate NBN implementation is more cost effective than the Labor government’s proposed superior implementation.

Both the Coalition and Labor had implementation plans that utilized out of date technology. It’s just that the Coalition proposal used inferior technology to the Labor’s.

Both sides of government miss the point.

The assumption that the majority of Australian’s use the internet for little other than email and stupid cat videos on YouTube may well be true. However, a significant, and growing proportion of internet users in Australia actually require the use of more up to date technology. As someone who works on data rich research projects, I actually require access to a super fast and reliable internet connection. Existing ADSL connections and the NBN being implemented are a joke. Neither provide me with the bandwidth I need at home.

The NBN proposal from Labor at least utilized a superior technology than the one from the Coalition, and may have provided a suitable internet connection. But what is available to me now? No. Not by a long shot.

How is it that Australia is so far in the technological dark ages compared to most of the rest of the world?

How is it that we’re still paying obscene amounts of money every month for a substandard internet connection with measly download caps when so many countries are on ultra fast connections with unlimited downloads?

When I talk about this with friends and family from Europe, North America, and Asia, they quite literally laugh at the state of internet connectivity in Australia.

I don’t care if the Coalition’s NBN is cheaper – it uses a substandard and out of date technology. I want access to an internet connection that actually meets my requirements


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