iPhone 6 Ranting


Why do phone manufacturers seem to be clinging to the delusion that bigger is better?

This is one case where that adage does not hold. I do not want a bigger fucking phone.

I like my iPhone 4S. It fits comfortably in my hand and is easily useable.

The iPhone 5 sucks. The screen on the phone is too big for me to be comfortable using.

Yet today we find out the iPhone 6 is to be released in September. And lo and behold, they’re releasing two models with different sized screens. Both of which are larger than the iPhone 5.

I will not be buying one. If the iPhone 5 screen is uncomfortable for me to use due to its size, a larger iPhone 6 screen is just going to be worse.

I fucking love my iPhone 4S. It’s convenient and I love the apps etc. However I will ditch Apple if it dies on me, because I flat out refuse to buy an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen that I find uncomfortable to navigate on.

Seriously, I wish phone manufacturers would get it through their heads that bigger is NOT better when it comes to mobile phones.


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