Why is food so expensive in Australia?

Good question.

And a relatively well thought out response.

People who travel do eventually realize just how expensive it is to buy food and groceries in Australia.

Now imagine that you’ve got dietary restrictions. Imagine that you suffer from gluten intolerance (yes, it’s been medically diagnosed), and that you’re also forced to eat vegan (due to a medical condition). This effectively forces you to shop either in the fresh fruit and veg section, and in the health food aisle of the supermarket to buy food that meets your dietary needs. And guess what? Stuff in the health food aisle is very rarely, if ever, on sale.

Here’s a few examples:

  • A loaf of regular bread? $1. A loaf of gluten free and vegan bread? $7.
  • A bag of regular museli? $3.50. A bag of gluten free and vegan museli? $6.
  • 300g of regular beef mince? $3. 300g of gluten free and vegan mince? $6.50.
  • Small bag of regular lollies? $1.50. Small bag of gluten free and vegan lollies? $4.50.
  • Box of regular fruit museli bars? $3. Box of gluten free and vegan fruit bars? $5.50.

I’m not saying the price of regular food isn’t expensive in Australia. It is.

But now imagine that your already expensive Australian grocery bill has just tripled because you’ve got medical conditions that dictate your dietary needs.


4 thoughts on “Why is food so expensive in Australia?

    • I have to admit, I think that’s at least part of the problem in this case. Something here becomes popular or part of some new dietary fad, so the grocery stores jack the prices up accordingly. Which then disadvantages those of us who don’t actually have a choice in the matter.

      • You’re ahead of them game! That’s what I think of it. People often wait until they get a stroke or something medically major to eat healthier. I say this is a blessing for you! Cheers! 😊

  1. Wow, it is sometimes bewildering to consider the prices of things. In Japan, avocados are half what they are in the states, but pretty much every other fruit is much more. A melon can easily be $10-$20 USD. Same for peaches, mangoes, etc. Crazy, right?! And you cannot even get berries most of the time. So what do I do? I chow down of avocados which I LOVE! Best,

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