Just don’t do it!

Seriously, are people really this stupid?

Woman cuddles up to a moray eel, posts the evidence, and people think it’s funny?

It’s not funny. It’s stupid. And it’s harmful.

Stupidity? Have a look at this:

You really want to go touching that thing with multiple sets of sharp teeth?

Trust me, I know from experience just how volatile marine life can be. I never even touched the thing, but I’ve been bitten by a reef shark for simply getting too close when trying to take a photo. I’ve been attacked by a trigger fish – without touching it. I’ve even been bitten by a bloody clown fish – without touching either it or its home anenome. Many animals tend to have a fight or flight reaction. You only need to take a look at Youtube to see how many times moray eels go for the fight option.

It’s also harmful. Humans carry diseases and other bacteria that can have a detrimental effect on other species that have not been raised to have an immunity to it. Stay at a respectable distance, and satisfy your curiousity safely (both your own, and the animal’s).

I am appalled that the news outlet is glorifying this behaviour. It’s disgusting.


2 thoughts on “Just don’t do it!

    • Let’s hope it was the season, not the reducing amount of the critters 🙂
      Been thinking to return to Lembeh or maybe I just visit Anilao instead 🙂 I liked Bunaken but sincerely last time I was there, there were too much garbage..it was bit disturbing sight 😦

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