Students living in squalor

Students in Sydney are living in shipping containers?

The article is disturbing. International students are living in squalor in Sydney. Why? Nobody can deny the cost of living in Sydney is extreme, but there’s also people willing to take advantage of those who don’t know any better.

It’s disgusting.

But on the other hand, it begs the question…

For an international student to acquire a student visa, they are required to show sufficient proof of funds to support themselves in Australia for the duration of their studies. These students should not be living in such squalid conditions if they actually had the funding necessary in order to obtain the visa.

How did they manage to get student visas if they didn’t have sufficient funding to support themselves during their studies?

I think that as well as this objectionable practice of duping international students with fraudulent accommodation advertising, the authorities also need to take a really hard look at the student visa process.

By no means am I suggesting that these students did anything wrong, but you have to wonder whether they should have been granted student visas if they couldn’t actually afford to live here?


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