Me, cynical?

I often cop a lot of criticism from people for being such a cynic when it comes to my faith (or lack thereof) in humanity.

Then we have events like today.

I was sitting at home after work packing for fieldwork, because I had to fly to Indonesia tonight. This is part work, part diving holiday.

Anyway, I suddenly get a mass influx of text messages on my phone. All from my bank, telling me that someone was trying to authorize a bunch of charges on my credit card. All in GBP. For many thousands of pounds each.

Yeah, not me.

I rang the bank. They cancelled my card quick smart. I’ve since spent hours on the phone trying to organise a replacement card. Also trying to figure out wtf happened.

I don’t have credit card details stored on eBay, so it’s nothing to do with that recent breach. My guess is that I’ve probably fallen victim to a skimming device somewhere.

So now I’m stuck on my way to Indonesia with no money and no credit card. I predict this is going to be a nightmare. The card issuer tells me that it will take a week to get an emergency replacement to Sulawesi. Unacceptable – I leave the hotel in less than a week, and need to pay the bill somehow.

My personal circumstances aside, you want to know why I hate people so much? You want to know why I have so little faith in humanity?


These people are a stain on humanity. I hope the fraud department finds them and throws them in jail to rot.


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