How much does your dive bag weigh?

I’m asking this because of what I consider to be an absolutely stupid comment from someone I know in the US.

In the US, on international travel, they usually get 2 pieces of luggage allowed for free at check-in in economy class. Fine, whatever. The rest of the world is usually stuck with 20kg in economy, so we’re generally used to packing light.

This person was complaining that 60kg (their permitted allowance) wasn’t enough for a 2.5 week diving holiday in Indonesia. Then they found out that their inbound flight to “Asia” from the US was on a different ticket to their flight to Indonesia, so they only had 60kg to their first Asian stop. I had the glorious task of telling them that their flight from there to their dive destination in Indonesia was only 30kg each. The subsequent tantrum was hilarious – in a really sad way.

Still, 30kg? That’s plenty enough. I said as much.

They told me that their dive gear alone weighed around 28kg each!


I travel with a roller duffle dive bag. It’s a dive specific bag, and is big enough that it can fit a pair of freediving fins in the side pocket if it needs to. Not posting a photo of it for security reasons, but if I pack that bag with a full dive kit:

  • BCD
  • Wetsuit (say 5mm for example)
  • Regs in their padded reg bag
  • Mask + snorkel
  • Fins
  • Booties
  • Hood
  • Dive knife
  • Tank banger/reef hook
  • Dive lights + spare batteries
  • Spare parts/repair kit

That comes to about 14.8kg – in the bag.

They reckon their kit in the bag takes 28kg each? What the hell are they packing? Tanks and weights? Bull. You get tanks and weights included in your dive price. Everywhere.

Or are they packing it in a solid metal trunk that weighs a ton?

Ok, I don’t dive a rebreather. They’re probably heavier? But I don’t believe they’re that heavy. I also don’t think this guy dives a rebreather anyway.

How the hell does anyone’s dive bag weigh 28kg?

I can get my dive bag on the plane, with my dive gear, clothes, and toiletries for about 19kg. Might be a bit heavier on the way home if I’ve been buying stuff. I like shopping – it happens!

Like most people, I take my dive computer, camera gear, and a pair of swimmers on the plane with me as carry-on.

28kg of dive gear? lol


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