Yet another reason to avoid the Qatar World Cup

Aside from various human rights abuses, today I’ve discovered yet another reason to avoid the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

An enforced dress code.


It’s a football tournament. 99.9% of fans at the tournament will be wearing their country’s football jersey. And guess what? Pretty much all of those football jersey’s are short sleeved.

So they’re effectively going to be preventing fans from wearing their country’s jersey unless they’ve got a long sleeved shirt underneath.

Now remember that a significant amount of criticism has already been leveled at FIFA for allowing the World Cup to be hosted in Qatar given the extreme temperatures. We’re talking 45-50C here (over 120F). The players have been complaining about it, and they’re getting to run around in shorts and short sleeved shirts. Now they want the fans to sit around in the stadiums in that heat effectively covered from head to toe in order to meet some dress code?

I predict there are going to be deaths due to heat exhaustion. It’s bad enough having to sit around wearing t-shirts and shorts at the events in that kind of heat, but being forced to cover yourself entirely is going to end in tragedy.

Bah,” I hear you say, “screw them, I’m just going to ignore this stupid law.” The problem is this:

You can in fact end up in jail for ignoring the dress code.

Do you really want to end up in jail in the Middle East? Guessing not.

So will Qatar consider relaxing their dress code regulations for the duration of the World Cup? I’m guessing they probably won’t. But I’m concerned about the consequences of that for people who aren’t used to such extreme heat that are going to be forced to cover themselves from head to toe.


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