After having lived in Townsville in North Queensland for a number of years, moving out west to Perth seemed like heaven. Why?

No cane toads!

Seriously, I lived in the Townsville suburb of Riverside Gardens (what used to be Douglas), which is a stone’s throw from Ross River. For years, the backyard of our house was inundated with cane toads, primarily during the wet season. The problem was so bad that at some times in summer, you literally couldn’t set foot outside the back door without stepping on a toad.

One of my housemates had a puppy at one stage. We let it play in the backyard since it was all fenced off properly. The puppy ate a toad. The puppy got very, very sick, because toads are incredibly poisonous. Puppy died šŸ˜¦

I know it sounds cruel, but cane toads were literally the only animal that I would actually swerve to intentionally hit when I was driving (only ever doneĀ ifĀ road conditions allowed for it). They are an introduced species to Australia. They are a pest. They are a threat to our native wildlife. And they are breeding uncontrollably. I have no shame in admitting that I have killed cane toads.

So imagine my revulsion in finding out that they’ve now been spotted in Perth. Sure, they were only found on a transport truck, and were disposed of appropriately. But it makes you wonder how many have hopped off the trucks and weren’t discovered.

*shudder* The worst case of an introduced invasive species ever.

Nuke them all I say!


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