GCSE to ditch To Kill a Mockingbird?

Apparently the GCSE curriculum for English in the UK is set to dump To Kill a Mockingbird…

Setting aside for a moment that this I believe this is one of the best books ever written, to ignore its message is just bizzare.

Racism, discrimination against minorities, social justice, equality, morality? These are all topics that are as relevant today as they were when Harper Lee published To Kill a Mockingbird back in 1960.

To ignore these issues by cutting the book from the curriculum is doing the youth of today a disservice.

There’s nothing wrong with the “Brit Lit” being suggested as a replacement as such, I just think that To Kill a Mockingbird is more relevant and sends a far more powerful message than Austen.

I could spend my life trying to imitate Atticus Finch and never be half the person he was.


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