Multiple rants…

So, multiple things:

  1. Christopher Pyne telling us how we need the paid parental leave scheme to boost the country’s population, but at the same time we need to keep immigrants out because the country’s full? Make up your mind.
  2. Medicare as we know it is over – the government wants to scrap bulk billing, and deny Medicare benefits to anybody earning over $88000. Can I just point out that $88k in Australia is hardly a noteworthy salary? It’s barely above the average wage, and given the already obscene cost of living, they want to make it harder? I earn more than $88k, and I almost went bankrupt last year due to medical expenses because of a condition that I suffer from. This required multiple GP visits each week, ongoing scans, constant visits to the pathology lab, regular trips to see various specialists – things that have historically been covered (at least in part) by Medicare. If I had to front the entire cost of that on my own? I would well and truly be screwed and in debt for a long time. The treatment for this medical condition is ongoing for the rest of my life. Even on my salary, I could not afford to front up the entire cost of the constant visits to the GP, specialists, pathology and radiology without going into debt. While some overseas think that Australians are rich because we’re earning $100k salaries – trust me, earning $100k here is nothing. You wouldn’t be struggling to pay the rent or put food on the table, but you also wouldn’t want to be hit with any unforseen expenses either. This is sending Australia spiralling towards a US-style healthcare system…Who in their right mind could possibly think that’s a good thing?
  3. Cutting 15000 public servants – do they want productivity in Australia to just come to a total halt? It’s looking that way.

It is truly difficult to express just how much I dislike the current federal government. Hate is such a strong word, but I think it’s becoming more appropriate each day.


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