Mmmm…Ice Cream!

So can’em Campbell’s Queensland government wants people to boycott Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because the company is taking a stand against the state’s abhorrent environmental policies.

If I wasn’t actually allergic to dairy, I would totally be out there buying Ben and Jerry’s in support. They should totally make Chunky Monkey in a dairy-free version by the way – just saying!

The Queensland government is making the claim that this campaign is hurting state tourism and jobs. Yeah, no. I’m an avid marine conservationist and scuba diver. I learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef even. The Ben and Jerry’s campaign isn’t what’s stopping me from travelling to Queensland. What’s putting me off is the fact that the government is going to make money out of my reef tax, port tax, airport tax, and other tourist taxes. I don’t want the government to be collecting money from my reef adventures when they’re actively going to be dumping crap on the reef. It is the government’s own policies that are causing people to not want to visit the reef.

I honestly didn’t even know about this Ben and Jerry’s campaign until today. It’s played no part in my decision to boycott travel to Queensland and the GBR. But you know what? Good on them for making a stand.


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