Daily (not so) Random!

Nothing especially funny on either my FB, Twitter, or Tumblr feeds today, so no posting random funnies. That makes me a sad panda 😦

So instead I’m just going to talk about…Running.

Occasionally when I’m out for my daily run, I see a few people snickering at some of the overweight people who are out there exercising. It’s not common, but I do see it happen.

I know that there are a not insignificant number of people out there who like to make fun of those who are overweight when they see them at the gym or out on their bikes or walking/jogging along. Sure, occasionally I do wonder how some people let things get so out of hand, but at the end of the day, I don’t know why they’re overweight. It could be medical. Or yes, it may very well just be an extended period of poor lifestyle choices.

But when I see these people working out at the gym, or outdoors riding their bike, going for a walk, or slowly jogging along, I feel a sense of pride. These people are actually taking positive steps to try and do something about their weight. They’re trying to improve their fitness. And that can only ever be a good thing. I see no sense in mocking anybody for taking steps to improve their lifestyle, regardless of how they got there. We all make mistakes in our life, but doing something to try and rectify them is a positive thing. And we should be encouraging it, not mocking it.

Don’t be disillusioned by the assholes. I’m pretty sure the majority of other gym goers, runners, and cyclists are all in your corner. We want to see you succeed.


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