Eating healthy on $5 a day?

Excuse me while I go laugh my head off.

At a minimum, I probably spend about $15 a day on food. That’s healthy food. Could I live on $5 a day for food? For breakfast maybe.

My diet is gluten free. And I am vegan. Neither of these are by choice. I have medically diagnosed gluten intolerance. On top of that I have a medical condition that prevents me from eating animal protein – hence the veganism.

A loaf of bread that most people could pick up for $1 costs me $7. Those sauces that people add to their vegetables and salads – I have to pay double to triple the price for a product that is gluten/egg/dairy free. Those cheap cuts of meat that people recommend, I have to replace with vegetables or meat substitutes. And don’t kid yourself – buying fresh fruit and vegetables in Perth is not cheap. Even if you forego the $6 avocado and $8 mango, it’s still expensive to stock up on fresh fruit and veg. I spend around $10 a day just buying fruit and veg from the markets. Add on top of that the cost of buying gluten and dairy free museli and soy yogurt for breakfast (because I can’t eat the cheap regular stuff); stuff to go with fruit and veg to cover lunch and dinner (e.g. gluten/dairy/egg free pasta for some carbs after training)…

These people seriously think it’s possible to eat on $5 a day? They’re kidding themselves. I live alone and my weekly grocery bill is well over $150. And I have little choice in that matter due to medical necessity. Must be nice to have such a cheap grocery bill.


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