At Last!

So sometimes I have nice things to say about politicians. Rarely, but today is one of those days.

Some time ago, Australia brought a case to the International Court of Justice against Japan’s so called Antarctic “scientific research” on whales in the Southern Ocean. The “scientific research” program that slaughtered many hundreds, occasionally over a thousand whales each year.

As a scientist, I am all for scientific research. As a scuba diver and nature lover, I love whales. I can understand the need for scientific research on whales. But there is absolutely no need for the mass slaughter of the animals.

I want to applaud today’s decision by the UN court in The Hague for coming to the decision that Japan’s whaling is not scientific research and to demand an immediate halt to the whaling program. Anybody who honestly believed that the whaling was scientific and not commercial has been deluding themselves. It has been no secret that the whales that were killed on these so called “scientific research” expeditions ended up as meat in restaurants and grocery stores in Japan.

I want to thank the Australian government (or the previous Australian Labor government I guess) for having the guts to take this case to the UN in the first place. Thank you for standing up for the animals who can’t stand up for themselves.

Today is a good day.




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