Hell? Sounds toasty!

So when I was out grocery shopping today, I ran into a friend at the shopping centre. We decided to go and grab a quick coffee and catch up before heading our separate ways.

Over coffee, we were discussing a few random things about the Australian Greens/Scott Ludlam (due to a WA senate re-election next weekend), including LGBT equality  – something we’re both strong believers in. That conversation topic was understandably more political than anything, no discussion of sex, so very tame by our standards (we both tend to be very…blunt). So yeah, a surprisingly family friendly discussion. But one family who was sitting at the table next to us must have heard what we were talking about and threatened to have us kicked out of the café for being crass when there were children around. We were talking about the politics of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. That’s crass? Really? Even so, their kids were toddlers…Pretty sure they had absolutely no clue what we were talking about.

Then the predictable happened – we were both going to hell for supporting such an abomination.

Yeah, see, here’s the thing…I’m an atheist. Quite a loud mouthed and obnoxious atheist at that.

I don’t believe in heaven or hell. So threatening me with spending an eternity in hell for any reason? Literally makes me laugh.

When I die, my body will be buried and will subsequently decompose. Or if I get cremated, then my body will be burned and my ashes scattered somewhere that I have yet to decide upon. Whatever. Either way, after death, that’s the end of it. Finished. Gone. Nothing.

So anyway, I laughed when these two parents told me I was going to hell. They didn’t appreciate that. Especially when I unequivocally said I was an atheist and so their threats were meaningless to me. I may have said something about the flying spaghetti monster after that…The father then asked if I was mocking them. Yes, yes I was.

Because you know what? I fully respect your right to free speech. But I do not have to respect what you say. I am entitled to make a mockery of it. Free speech is not a one way street.

Or maybe hell really does exist after all: Claremont Quarter shopping centre on a Saturday morning. Don’t even need to be dead for that one!


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