CSIRO’s “State of the Climate 2014”

The consensus? It’s warmer.

I have to concede that my initial reaction when I read that was that I literally laughed and said “no shit?”.

Last year was hot. But then so was the year before, and the year before that…

Although I’ve read material written by climate change skeptics such as Ian Plimer and Bob Carter out of pure scientific curiousity, it’s kind of hard to refute the data and interpretations produced by CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, the NOAA, and just about every major scientific organisation globally relating to global climate change.

I found the ocean acidity statistics to be quite interesting. I’ve been scuba diving since I was 16 years old and (at the time) living in Queensland. In the past decade and a bit [I am so not telling my age], I have seen with my own eyes the degredation of the coral life on the Great Barrier Reef. This is caused by rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification. And the Crown of Thorns starfish infestation, which I’m not convinced isn’t related to warmer sea temperatures and ocean acidification in itself to be honest. Some offshore reefs that used to be in pristine condition when I was a teenager are now dying or dead. I still dive on the Great Barrier Reef because there’s still a few mindblowing dive sites out there, but it’s not what it used to be. And it makes me sad that there’s a very real possibility that future generations might not get to appreciate its awesomeness due to the symptoms of climate change.

I’ll let the experts speak for themselves, so take a look at the report. I know enough to understand what I’m reading in the technical reports in terms of the science, but admit it’s not my area of expertise. Just thought it was an interesting read!


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