Today’s WTF?!?!

So I was out to morning tea with a friend of mine, and there came an ignorant comment about how she should “go back to where she came from”. This was at a coffee shop across the road from campus (the comment apparently coming because the coffee shop was full and there were no tables available and my friend not being there would have freed up space)…

Being next to a major university and being in a relatively up-market part of Perth, I had thought this area was a little more open minded, but perhaps not.

That aside, the comment simply baffled me. My friend is Australian. She was born here. Her family has been in Australia for 5-6 generations. Yes, ok, she has an oriental complexion…But seriously? She’s got more claim to being Australian than I do. I still hold dual citizenship and carry two passports. She’s only an Australian citizen.

I might look Australian, for whatever that even means, but my mother is English, and my father is of Scottish heritage. I am, for all intents and purposes, a first generation Australian. My friend’s family has been here for over half a century! Who is really “more Australian”? Me – because I happen to be white and have blonde hair? Or her – because her family has been in Australia a hell of a lot longer than mine?

Appearances can be deceiving, and in this case lead to an incredibly appropriate assumption and repugnant comment about my friend’s heritage.

Go back to where she came from? That’d be right here in Perth…


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