Apple wants to improve the world…

That’s apparently a problem for some.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made some supposedly controversial comments last week at a shareholder meeting when he was questioned about the company’s commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emmisions. One major shareholder had an issue with this, suggesting that Apple should not be making decisions that did not provide increased shareholder profit. And shareholder profit was being diminished by Apple’s environmental commitment.

Huh? Being criticised for wanting to improve the environment? Having a better corporate social responsibility policy?

It gets better…

The same guy then goes on to deny that climate change is even an issue, therefore Apple shouldn’t need to be making such changes in the first place.


Quite frankly, I’d never given much thought to investing in Apple. I’ve been burned on tech stocks before. However this news that Apple is actually serious about their commitment to the environment and helping to reduce their carbon footprint, even at the expense of some profit? Only makes me more likely to invest in the company. Not less. I expect that any loss of shareholders who take issue with Tim Cook’s comments will be quickly filled by those who are happy to accept a slightly lower profit from a company with good environmental credentials. It’s not like Apple’s not making a huge profit to start with.


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