The Red Roo

I fly a fair bit for work, primarily overseas. As a result, I tend to rack up a fair few air miles each year. This has, over time, lead me to join a number of frequent flyer programs.

Currently, I am a member of:

  • Qantas Frequent Flyer – Platinum
  • American Airlines AAdvantage – Executive Platinum
  • Emirates Skywards – Gold
  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer – Silver

Between my regular work travel and my personal travel, I spend a lot of money every year on flying. Most of the time I’m up the pointy end in business class as well. While I appreciate that I’m probably still not worth that much to the airlines compared to others, my annual travel expenditure is not insignificant.

Today, Qantas has announced that they are axing the one remaining international service that they are running out of Perth as part of company-wide cost cutting measures. This is a Perth-Singapore flight that I have used regularly to make connections throughout Asia, and to Europe.

5908160705_6bff8b5f2a_bThe red roo? The dead roo.

However with the cancellation of that flight, I no longer have any reason to stay loyal to Qantas. Domestically, it is usually considerably cheaper to fly Virgin, who can no longer be labelled a low cost carrier. From many reports, their service is superior to Qantas. And with no more Qantas international service out of Perth, what reason do I have to continue accumulating frequent flyer miles in that account when I have no convenient way to use them? None.

I would be better off moving all of my travel exclusively to Cathay Pacific and Emirates, which will get me wherever in the world I need to go now. Cathay will get me to Asia and the Americas, and Emirates will get me to Europe and Africa. Both at a cheaper price point than Qantas. What can Qantas actually offer me now? At this point – absolutely nothing.

So this is me saying goodbye to Qantas. I’m going to blow my remaining frequent flyer miles and then ditch all QF travel. It’s no longer worth the premium price charged if I can’t actually get where I need to go without having to route via Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.


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