They tried to make me go to rehab…

I’m not usually one for the gossip pages, but upon reading the regular news websites, an article jumped out at me.

A rehab patient who happened to be in treatment at the same time as former Sunrise weather guy Grant Denyer said they heard Grant admit to having a meth addiction.

I don’t actually care one way or the other what Denyer may or may not have been addicted to. That’s private. Which is exactly my point.

Who does this guy think he is going and leaking that sort of thing to the media? Counselling and medical treatment come under privacy acts – and rehab involves both psychological counselling and depending on the nature of the addiction, medical treatment. Which should be private. Confidential.

I find it abhorrent that someone has leaked this information to the press. It is exactly this type of incident which will put people off going to rehab for necessary treatment in the first place. If the counselling and medical treatment can’t be guaranteed confidentiality, then I can totally understand not being prepared to go into the programs. I certainly wouldn’t go to rehab if my confidentiality couldn’t be assured.

This guy disgusts me. So does the media for actually reporting this. What happens in rehab should stay in rehab.


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